Keetsa Dallas Mattress Store

Shopping for a mattress in Dallas? Keetsa mattresses are the best for you and also for the enviroment. Call us before Mattress Firm, Sleep Experts, or Mattress Giant.

About Us

A Better Mattress for You and The Environment

A third of our life is spent in bed trying to achieve renewal for tomorrow. Keetsa brings you eco-friendly sleep products designed to help you get the rest you need while not taking a bite out of your wallet or the environment. Mattresses and other sleep products that are affordable, long-lasting and comfortable, all in a business model that is efficient and reduces our carbon footprint.

  • Recycling & buying products with recycled materials.
  • Seeking a lower carbon footprint with low to zero emission products.
  • Heightened awareness of Sustainability.

Now there is a sleep company that strives to maximize these environmental benefits.

Keetsa is a new sleep store that wants to challenge the old traditional ways of buying a mattress with new types of products and a new way of doing business.

Sleep products that reflect your own personal values.

Keetsa solutions :
- Compress packing mattresses to reduce carbon foot prints.
- Continuous developments toward sustainability to increase Keetsa Quotient™
- Usage of Green Tea extract to create foam with low emissions of VOCs.