Allen Wickers Pub

Allen Wickers Pub in Plano is the ultimate sports bar for watching your favorite soccer team. Great food and drink specials and perfect for your large party.

Allen Wicker's Pub

In August of 2008, Evan Rupp and a former co-worker were in Evan's office discussing how displeased they were with their current employment situation.  They then began talking about how there were no places for real football fans to watch the beautiful game.  They were dreaming of starting a pub that was just that.  Evan knew his father had always wanted to own a restaurant, so Evan pitched the idea to his father as more of a joke than anything.  Two weeks later, Evan received a call from his father asking if they were serious about the idea.  They said ABSOLUTELY, and so, The Allen Wickers began.

Welcome to the newest pub and European style football house in Plano, TX.  A sure to be staple for the avid football and beer fan.  And we've got some of the tastiest grub in Plano as well.  So come check us out.  But remember; mind your P's and Q's!