International Museum of Cultures

A unique museum focusing upon contemporary peoples and challenges of currently existing communities in remote locations of the world.

About The Museum

The International Museum of Cultures is the only cultural institution in the state of Texas to focus on indigenous peoples, and to understand the challenges of existing communities in remote locations of the world. Through exhibits, educational programs, and public events, the IMC celebrates people of diverse cultures in an effort to embrace and promote understanding of cultural differences found both in isolated areas of the world and in our own community. Our focus on living peoples rather than on those of the past provides a rich platform from which to address questions of ethnic and cultural diversity - the Museum's central interest.

The IMC is a community organization whose purpose is to nurture our greatest resource - our children. It brings families and children together in active learning experiences. It taps the wonderful wellspring of creativity found in each child. The museum provides hands-on experiences for children of all ages. While it can not ever replace schools and churches as the primary institutions for childhood education, the museum is an indigenous community institution that actively contributes to a community's well-being.